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7th Grade Standard II-Objective 1 Density and Particle Size

Standard II Students will understand the relationship between properties of matter and Earth’s structure.
Objective 1: Examine the effects of density and particle size on the behavior of materials in mixtures.

Enduring Understanding: Earth materials in a mixture will be sorted based on the density and particle size of the objects in the mixture.

"I Can" Statements

  1. I can explain the reason Earth has layers.
  2. I can arrange the following in order from least dense to most dense: air, water, rock.
  3. I can calculate the density of a substance with a known volume and mass.
  4. I can explain why sand particles on a beach are all the same size.
  5. I can evaluate the factors responsible for the position of substances in water-sorted sediments.

Multiple Choice Test
Performance Test/Density of Minerals

Curriculum Map-New!

Learning Plan

Learning Activity Technology Application Lab Inquiry Lab Discussion Audio-Visual Reading/ Writing Students Teach Demonstration
Core Tracker
Particle Size and Density
Water Sorting
Rock Density
Rock Density Pt. 2
Earth Words
My Sandbox (new!)
Density of Earth Materials (new)