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7th Grade Standard IV-Objective 2 Traits and the Environment

Standard IV Students will understand that offspring inherit traits that make them more or less suitable to survive in the environment.
Objective 2: Relate the adaptability of organisms in an environment to their inherited traits and structures.

Enduring Understanding Genetic varietion allows a species to adapt to changes in the environment and help the species survive. A species may change due to the passing of traits naturally or by techniques used and developed by science. Genetic information is passed on in a predictable manner.

"I Can" Statements:

  1. I can describe ways species adapt to changes in their environments.
  2. I can explain how structures like sharp teeth and long legs help a wolf survive.
  3. I can predict how an organism might change if it were moved to a new environment.
  4. I can analyze how genetic traits in farm animals have been altered by people.

Multiple Choice/Essay Test
Performance Test-Are You Hiding?

Curriculum Map-New!

Learning Plan


Learning Activity Technology Application Lab Inquiry Lab Discussion Audio-Visual Reading/ Writing Students Teach Demonstration
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