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8th Grade Standard I-Objective 2 Evidence of Physical/Chemical Change

Standard I: Students will understand the nature of changes in matter.
Objective 2: Observe and evaluate evidence of chemical and physical change.

Enduring Understanding: In a physical change the identity of the atoms does not change. Evidence that a physical change has taken place include changes in shape, size or phase. In a chemical change, the identity of the atoms does change. Evidence that a chemical reaction has taken place include; color change, gas given off, and heat or light given off or absorbed. Atmospheric oxygen is a part of many important reactions. The properties of a substance may change if the substance has undergone chemical or physical change.

"I Can" Statements

  1. I can identify characteristics of a physical change.
  2. I can identify characteristics of a chemical change.
  3. I can explain why atmospheric oxygen important.
  4. I can predict what will happen to the properties of a substance after it has undergone a chemical or physical change.

Multiple Choice-Essay Test
Performance Test-Chemical and Physical Changes

Curriculum Map ... Pacing Guide

Learning Plan

Learning Activity Technology Application Lab Inquiry Lab Discussion Audio-Visual Reading/ Writing Students Teach Demonstration
8th grade Core Tracker
Fun with Elmers
Oolite Reactions
Temperature and Chemical Change
Chemistry Webquest(recent update!)
Atmospheric Oxygen
Oxygen and Fire
Chemical Change and Physical Properties
Concept Diagram