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8th Grade Standard I-Objective 3 Energy in Chemical/Physical Changes

Standard I: Students will understand the nature of changes in matter.
Objective 3: Investigate and measure the effects of increasing or decreasing the amount of energy in a physical or chemical change and relate the kind of energy added, to the motion of the particles.

Enduring Understanding Energy is involved in chemical and physical change. Different types of energy are given off or taken in during chemical or physical change. Molecules move faster when energy is increased, slower when energy is decreased. Chemical and physical reactions may release or require energy.

"I Can" Statements
1. I can provide examples of how energy is involved in a physical and a chemical change.
2. I can describe the different types of energy that may be given off or taken in during a chemical reaction.
3. I can predict what happens to the molecules in a substance when it is heated or cooled.
4. I can demonstrate the energy changes necessary to change liquid water into water vapor.

Multiple Choice-Essay Test
Performance Test-How Much Heat?

Curriculum Map .... Pacing Guide

Learning Plan

Learning Activity Technology Application Lab Inquiry Lab Discussion Audio-Visual Reading/ Writing Students Teach Demonstration
8th grade Core Tracker
Hook Activity
Boiling Point of Water
Reading-Writing Activity
Melting Mothballs
Vocabulary Review
Salt Water Race
Heat and Change
So you think you can dance?