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Earth Science 0301

Standard III, Objective 1:  Atmosphere Supports Life

Standard 3: Students will understand the atmospheric processes that support life and cause weather and climate.
Objective 1: Relate how energy from the Sun drives atmospheric processes and how atmospheric currents transport matter and transfer energy.

I Can Statements:
a. I can compare and contrast the amount of energy coming from the Sun that is reflected,
absorbed or scattered by the atmosphere, oceans, and land masses.
b. I can construct a model that demonstrates how the greenhouse effect contributes to
atmospheric energy.
c. I can conduct an investigation on how the tilt of Earth’s axis causes variations in the intensity
and duration of sunlight striking Earth.
d. I can explain how uneven heating of Earth’s atmosphere combined with the Coriolis effect create an atmospheric circulation system including,Hadley cells, trade winds, and prevailing westerliesthat move heat energy around Earth.
e. Explain how the presence of ozone in the stratosphere is beneficial to life, while ozone in the troposphere is considered an air pollutant.

Multiple Choice/Essay Test            Curriculum Map

Learning  Plan

Learning Activity Technology Application Lab Inquiry Lab Discussion Audio-Visual Reading/ Writing Students Teach Demonstration
ES Core Tracker
Greenhouse and Surface Radiation X
How Hot? X
Solar Foldable X
Direct/Indirect Radiation X
RAFTing Air X
What Angle? X
Energy Transfer X