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Earth Science 0303

Standard III-Objective 3 - Climate Change

Standard 3: Students will understand the atmospheric processes that support life
and cause weather and climate.
Objective 3: Examine the natural and human-caused processes that cause Earth’s climate
to change over intervals of time ranging from decades to millennia.

I Can Statements
a. I can explain differences between weather and climate and the methods used to investigate
evidence for changes in climate (e.g., ice core sampling, tree rings, historical temperature
measurements, changes in the extent of alpine glaciers, changes in the extent of Arctic sea ice).
b. I can explain how Earth’s climate has changed over time and describe the natural causes for
these changes (e.g., Milankovitch cycles, solar fluctuations, plate tectonics).
c. I can describe how human activity influences the carbon cycle and may contribute to climate
d. I can explain the differences between air pollution and climate change and how these are
related to society’s use of fossil fuels.
e. I can predict the current and potential consequences of climate change (e.g., ocean
acidification, sea level rise, desertification, habitat loss) on ecosystems, including human communities.

Multiple Choice/Essay Test                      Curriculum Map

Learning Plan

Learning Activity Technology Application Lab Inquiry Lab Discussion Audio-Visual Reading/ Writing Students Teach Demonstration
ES Core Tracker
Carbon Cycle Demonstration X
Carbon Cycle Sources and Sinks X X
Analyzing Greenhouse Gases over time X X
Carbon Cycle Web Game X
Carbon Cycle Emissions X
Create a Carbon Cycle Diagram X
Global Climate Change Webquest X
Graphing the Greenhouse X
Sea Level Webquest
Sea Level Change X