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Earth Science 0402

Standard IV-Objective 2: Fresh Water and Life

Standard 4: Students will understand the dynamics of the hydrosphere.
Objective 2: Analyze the characteristics and importance of freshwater found on Earth’s surface and its effect on living systems.

I Can Statements
a. I can investigate the properties of water: exists in all three states, dissolves many substances,
exhibits adhesion and cohesion, density of solid vs. liquid water.
b. I can plan and conduct an experiment to investigate biotic and abiotic factors that affect
freshwater ecosystems.
c. I can use data collected from local water systems, evaluate water quality and conclude how
pollution can make water unavailable or unsuitable for life.
d. I can research and report how communities manage water resources (e.g., distribution,
shortages, quality, flood control) to address social, economic, and environmental concerns.

MultipleChoice/Essay                     Curriculum Map

Learning Plan

Learning Activity Technology Application Lab Inquiry Lab Discussion Audio-Visual Reading/ Writing Students Teach Demonstration
Earth Systems Core Tracker
Properties of Water X
Webquest: How Much Water? x
Midnight Dumpers x
maps for Midnight Dumpers x
Newspaper articles for Midnight Dumpers x
pH Changes in a Small Ecosystem x
Troubled Waters
Water Checklist x
Water Quality Indicators x
Water Tests x
Clearing It Up (New) x x