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Earth Science 0501

Standard V-Objective 1: Earth's Interacting Spheres

Standard 5: Students will understand how Earth science interacts with society.
Objective 1: Characterize Earth as a changing and complex system of interacting spheres.

I Can Statements
a. I can illustrate how energy flowing and matter cycling within Earth’s biosphere, geosphere,
atmosphere, and hydrosphere give rise to processes that shape Earth.
b. I can explain how Earth’s systems are dynamic and continually react to natural and human caused changes.
c. I can explain how technological advances lead to increased human knowledge (e.g., satellite
imaging, deep sea ocean probes, seismic sensors, weather radar systems) and ability to predict how changes affect Earth’s systems.
d. I can design and conduct an experiment that investigates how Earth’s biosphere, geosphere,
atmosphere, or hydrosphere reacts to human-caused change.
e. I can research and report on how scientists study feedback loops to inform the public about
Earth’s interacting systems.

Multiple Choice/Essay        Curriculum Map

Learning Plan

Learning Activity Technology Application Lab Inquiry Lab Discussion Audio-Visual Reading/ Writing Students Teach Demonstration
Earth Systems Core Tracker
Intro to Feedback Loops X X
How Wolves Change Rivers X
A Year Without Summer  X
Elk Feedback Loop  X
Disaster Essays  X