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Earth Science 0502

Standard V-Objective 2: Earth's Resources

Standard 5: Students will understand how Earth science interacts with society.
Objective 2: Describe how humans depend on Earth’s resources.

I Can Statements

a. I can investigate how Earth's resources (e.g., mineral resources, petroleum resources,
alternative energy resources, water resources, soil and agricultural resources) are
distributed across the state, the country, and the world.
b. I can research and report on how human populations depend on Earth resources for
sustenance and how changing conditions over time have affected these resources (e.g.,
water pollution, air pollution, increases in population).
c. I can predict how resource development and use alters Earth systems (e.g., water reservoirs,
alternative energy sources, wildlife preserves).
d. I can describe the role of scientists in providing data that informs the discussion of Earth
resource use.
e. I can justify the claim that Earth science literacy can help the public make informed choices
related to the extraction and use of natural resources.

MultipleChoice/Essay                   Curriculum Map

Learning Plan

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