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Earth Science 0503

Standard V-Objective 3: Natural Hazards

Standard 5: Students will understand how Earth science interacts with society.
Objective 3: Indicate how natural hazards pose risks to humans.

I Can Statements:
a. I can identify and describe natural hazards that occur locally (e.g., wildfires, landslides,
earthquakes, floods, drought) and globally (e.g., volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes).
b. I can evaluate and give examples of human activities that can contribute to the frequency and
intensity of some natural hazards (e.g., construction that may increase erosion, human
causes of wildfires, climate change).
c. I can document how scientists use technology to continually improve estimates of when and
where natural hazards occur.
d. I can investigate and report how social, economic, and environmental issues affect decisions
about human-engineered structures (e.g., dams, homes, bridges, roads).

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Learning Plan

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