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Lessons Developed From STEM Workshop

Professional Development

Basic Information: Professional learning is a lifetime commitment to continuous improvement. This is a goal we have for students and, as teachers, need to model ourselves. Teaching methods, core curriculum and the addition of STEM components to science instruction make it imperitive that teachers stay current in their knowledge and skills. The following research-based workshops are one way to reach this goal.

Classes for Credit: The following courses are offered for inservice credit and/or university credit.

Course Subject/ Grade Instructor Class Format Description Dates Time Credit Type Fee Contact Person


Science Safety 7-12 B. Gentry online Science safety refresher course. fall any recert. none B. Gentry
New Science Core Work-shop 7th, 8th multi-district consortium blended Survey of new core materials, lesson development fall TBA recert., Weber St. credit $40 B. Gentry
Science Focus Groups 7-12th B. Gentry, J. Harward in- person PLC format for interschool exchange of lesson ideas, assessments and STEM implementation. fall TBA recert., USOE credit $30 B. Gentry

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Research Base:

1. John Hattie Research

2. Marzano Research

3. Thomas Guskey Research

4. Linda Darling-Hammond Journal Articles