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New 6th-8th grade Quizzes & Questions Banks

Active Links for 6th-8th SEEd Proficiency Scale Samples 

Proficiency Scale Template

Useful Links for Navigating SEEd Standards

Strand 6.1 Structure & Motion within the Solar System

Strand 6.2 Energy Affects Matter

Strand 6.3 Earth's Weather Patterns & Climate

Strand 6.4 Stability & Change In Ecosystems

Strand 7.1 Forces Are Interactions Between Matter

Strand 7.2 Changes To Earth Over Time

Strand 7.3 Structure & Function Of Life

Strand 7.4 Reproduction & Inheritance

Strand 7.5 Changes In Species Over Time

Strand 8.1 Matter & Energy Interact In The Physical World

Strand 8.2 Energy Is Stored & Transferred In Physical Systems

Strand 8.3 Life Systems Store & Transfer Matter & Energy

Strand 8.4 Interactions With Natural Systems & Resources

Tools for lesson planning

Jordan District 7th and 8th grade SEEd Lessons are found in Google Classroom.  If you have not set up Google Classroom, you will need to do that first.  

The titles for the classes are:  8th Grade SEEd Professional Development and 7th grade SEEd Professional Development.

Canvas Courses Classroom use for 7th and 8th grade.  This template contains lessons that can be altered and added or subtracted for your classroom use.

  • Click on the Commons link on the left and search for the 7th or 8th grade SEEd Storylines Class Template.
  • Select the class and import into Canvas (using the choices in the right hand box).
  • Remember the name of the course you put it in, that is where it will reside.
  • This course is now yours and you can update as needed.

Davis District 7th and 8th grade SEEd Storylines

Granite School District SEEd lessons

Research Quest-U of U SEEd Lessons for 6-8th grade

Model Classroom Teacher Resources - Previous lessons plans organized and shared by Barbara Gentry.  Please visit Barbara Gentry's Model Classroom Teacher Resources Library.

Professional Development

Basic Information: Professional learning is a lifetime commitment to continuous improvement. This is a goal we have for students and, as teachers, need to model ourselves. Teaching methods, core curriculum and the addition of STEM components to science instruction make it imperitive that teachers stay current in their knowledge and skills. The following research-based workshops are one way to reach this goal.

Classes for Credit: The following courses are offered for inservice credit and/or university credit.

Course Subject/ Grade Instructor Class Type Description Dates Time Credit Type Fee Contact Person
Science Safety 7-12 B. Gentry online Science safety refresher course. fall-spring any recert. none B. Gentry
New Science Core Work-shop 7th, 8th multi-district consortium blended Survey of new core materials, lesson development fall-spring TBA recert., Weber St. credit $40 B. Gentry
Science Focus Groups 7-12th B. Gentry, J. Harward in- person PLC format for interschool exchange of lesson ideas, assessments and STEM implementation fall-spring TBA recert., USOE credit $30 B. Gentry


Elective High School CORE Curriculum

'I Can' Statements
The science teachers of the Jordan School District met to review the Utah State Science Core for each subject. The Standards and Objectives were rewritten in simple 'I Can' statements so students and parents could easily understand what their student was learning in their science class. The following links will take you to the appropriate 'I Can' statements for each course.