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Chemistry Model Classroom

Introductory Activities

SAM: Science of Atoms and Molecules (Concord Consortium) is an excellent online tool. To learn how to register (free, easy) use them, click here.

Standard 1-Objective 1 Origin/Distribution of Elements

Standard I-Objective 2 Structure of the Atom

Standard I-Objective 3 Periodic Table

Standard II-Objective 1 Quantum Energy

Standard II-Objective 2 Radioactivity

Standard III-Objective 1 Valence Electrons and Bonding

Standard III-Objective 2 Properties of Compounds/Elements

Standard III-Objective 3 Bonding/Properties of Compounds

Standard IV-Objective 1 Chemical Equations

Standard IV-Objective 2 Conservation of Mass and Energy

Standard V-Objective 1 Factors Affecting Reaction Rate

Standard V-Objective 2 Dynamic Equilibrium in Reactions

Standard VI-Objective 1 Solutions

Standard VI-Objective 2 Colligative Properties of Solutions

Standard VI-Objective 3 Acids and Bases

CRT Lab Review: Sucker Lab

CRT Review Strategies

Chemistry Core Curriculum