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Welcome Fellow Scientists! 

Celebrate the REBOUND with students from the Jordan PreFreshman Engineering Program... Jordan PREP Rebound Poem

The JSD exemplar writing team is excited to announce the launch of the newly created High School Exemplar Science Units.  Find them under the exemplar Unit tab.

water dropletsScience is a way of knowing, a process for understanding the natural world. Engineering applies the fields of science, technology, and mathematics to produce solutions to real-world problems. The process of developing scientific knowledge includes ongoing questioning, testing, and refinement of ideas when supported by empirical evidence. Since progress in modern society is tied so closely to this way of knowing, scientific literacy is essential for a society to be engaged in political and economic choices on personal, local, regional, and global scales.

Utah Science with Engineering Education Standards (SEEd)

Curriculum & Instruction / NJSLS - Science

Utah’s Science and Engineering Education (SEEd) standards were written by Utah educators and scientists, using a wide array of resources and expertise. The writing team used sources including A Framework for K–12 Science Education, the Next Generation Science Standards, and related works to craft research-based standards for Utah. These standards were written with students in mind, including developmentally appropriate progressions that foster learning that is simultaneously age-appropriate and enduring. The aim was to address what an educated citizenry should know and understand to embrace the value of scientific thinking and make informed decisions. The SEEd standards are founded on what science is, how science is learned, and the multiple dimensions of scientific work.

Jane Harward | Science Administrator | 801-567-8169