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Science/STEM Fair

The Secondary Science/STEM Fair is for all secondary (Middle School & High School ) Jordan School District students.  For the elementary level completion click here This is an exciting and fun way to make a name for yourself in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  Winners from this event go on to compete at the State and National levels, and can win scholarships and important recognition.

  • Win cash prizes
  • Earn scholarships
  • Looks impressive on a resume for college and careers
  • Compete on the State and National Level
  • Make real discoveries that are new to science.  Be the first to discover something.


Completing a Science/STEM fair project is a lot of hard work that shows you are capable of doing science and not just knowing science. The Science/STEM fair provides a way for students to show they are capable of making new and real discoveries, or of inventing new solutions for industry.  Set yourself apart from the rest of your peers!

How To Participate

  • Before you can compete at the District Level, you must first enter in your local school competition.  Each school will have its own rules and deadlines.  Please check with your local school to get information about those dates.  If your school is not sponsoring a Science/STEM Fair, then please contact Hiram Bertoch, and he will arrange for your project to be judged in another school.
  • Students who win at the school level will advance to the District competition, date to be determined at West Jordan Middle School.  Winners from this competition will go on to compete at the State Science/STEM Fair in March.

When Is The District Competition:

The District competition, date to be determined, at West Jordan Middle School.  Individual schools will have their own dates for their local competitions.  Please check with schools to find out when those dates are.

Information For Schools:

Schools running competitions, please be aware of the following:

  • Individual school competitions must be completed prior to, date to be determined, in order for your students to be eligible to participate in the District Competition.
  • Your students must complete the following forms:
    These forms must be completed prior to a student beginning their projects, and must be turned into the district (Hiram Bertoch) prior to the night of the competition.

    • 9-12 Grade Form Click Here
    • 7-8 Grade Form Click Here
  • We ask that you please email Hiram Bertoch with the dates of your school competition, so that he can post them publicly and share them with others.  Also, if you need any training, guidance, resources, or have any questions, please contact Hiram Bertoch, who will help you get your school competition up and running.